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"We design your habitats beyond your dreams"

Neslihan Pekcan

Cofounder / Interior Architect

She was born in İstanbul in 1976. After she graduating from Air Academy High School/USA, she studied “Interior Design” at Savannah College of Art and Design/USA. After she returned to İstanbul, she graduated from Architecture Faculty/Interior Design Department of Mimar Sinan University. She began working as an interior designer while she was studying. Worked at various companies afterwards. She continues her professional life at Pebbledesign / Çakıltasları Architectural Design and Industry Trade Ltd. Co. as interior designer. She keeps designing  under the name of brands “Pebbledesign, Pebblestones, Pebblekids and Pebblebaby”,


Elif Kurnaz

Interior Architect


Graduated first place from  Architecture and Design Faculty / Interior Design Department of Kocaeli University in 2009 . She is working in “Pebbledesign” since 2015.


Nihan Özgey

Interior Architect


Graduated fifth place from Architecture and Design Faculty / Interior Design Department of Haliç University in 2016. She is working at “Pebbledesign” since 2016.


Çağlar Çağlar

Administrative Affairs Supervisor


Graduated from “Kyrgyzstan State University”, department of “Management” in 1999


Duygu Soytaş

Assistant/Financial Executive

2000 / İstanbul University  Faculty of Literature 




She was born in 2004 and is the first member of Pebbledesign Team. She is a gluttonous, spoiled but irreplaceable Golden Retriever and enjoys her life as the sweetheart of all team. Her soul never grown up and she was always in building sites, but then she wanted to be retire due to her age. Now she is having a pretty good times with her friends on the endless greensward where is every person dreams to be there.



Pebble is a female Golden Retriever who is the last member of the Pebble team. While she was moving around in Ortakğy, people realized her, because she was so friendly and outgoing however she was needy. Then Neslihan Pekcan adopted her so she joined the family of the Pebbledesign. She is cheerful and calm in normally but when she sees food, she becomes excited and if you interest with her, she emotionalizes her feelings. When she goes to the building site, she looks like to say “why did I came here?” and she never leave her mother alone. The most distinct characteristic feature of Pebble is that If you had problems or sadness, she feels it before everyone feels and she gives solace to you by nuzzling up. She became irreplaceable member of Pebble team in a short span of time.



Kumkum is a female Tortoiseshell and in many belief Tortoiseshells bring good fortune and they are uncommon strain. Kumkum was found in Burgazada, in 2010. She supposed that Bambam was her mother for 9 years and she was sleeping in Bambam’s bosom. She doesn’t like someone loves her however in recent three years Kumkum may let you love her If she is happy but If you want to love her, you need to face up with that Kumkum can hurt you with her paw, also she is spending her time mostly sleeping away.



She joined the family of Pebbledesign in 2012 from society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. She is puckish but endearious that’s why Pebble team adopted her in a short while. She acquire fame because sometimes she supposes herself as a dog. Her daily life is quite simple because she is spending her time by sleeping and running after the other cats. She impresses everyone to herself due to her hair. It seems like a cat in tuxedo.



The newest member of Pebbledesign, Alpha, is a female Border Collie. With the ownership of Neslihan Pekcan, he joined the family of Pebbledesign. He is the most intelligent race in the world and speaks 2 languages. Cheerful, voracious and hyperactive, our friend continues his life by adding plenty of "cakes".

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